Ng Wah Sum Ving Tsun Kung Fu Academy

Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy

Head Instructor: Ng Wah Sum 吳華森師傅

Website: Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy

Phone: 852-3795-2148

Address 1: 141 Prince Edward Road West

Address 2:

City: Mong Kok

State/Provience: KKC

Country: HK

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Sifu Ng Wah Sum had closely followed the principle, philosophy and training by Master Leung Sheung, efforting to promote and enhance development of Wing Chun kungfu and bringing together and beautifully blending in the traditional form of Chinese martial art into medication, physical and mental training, and through de-stress exercises bringing benefit to day-to-day life of man kind.