Kung Fu Zwolle Overijssel Way of Shaolin


Head Instructor: Douwe ter Horst

School Lineage: Unknown/Unassociated

Website: Kung Fu Zwolle 'Way of Shaolin'

Phone: 0622410167

Address 1: Westerlaan 22

Address 2:

City: Zwolle

State/Provience: OV

Country: NL

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more info:

Kung Fu, Kungfu Zwolle is a martial arts school of master Douwe ter Horst. Sifu Douwe ter Horst practised Wing Chun en Wing Tsun in the Cukar and Fournier Lineages. Sifu Douwe ter Horst also practised Ng Ying Kuen, Northern and Southern Shaolin systems. Douwe ter Horst founded the school in Zwolle because he thought it was time for him ti share his knowledge. The Chinese martial arts can offer people so much in mind, body and spirit but also learns you how to live life. Master Douwe ter Horst is an international respected teacher and master of the Chinese martial arts. The school offers classes for youth and adults and the lessons are taught by sifu Douwe ter Horst himself. A trial lesson is always free so when you are around come and train in the school of master Douwe ter Horst.