Full Circle Wing Chun

Full Circle Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Sai Jun Mak

Website: Full Circle Wing Chun Kung Fu, Bournemouth, England, UK

Phone: 44-77-2551-4929

Address 1: Portchester School Harewood Avenue

Address 2:

City: Bournemouth


Country: GB

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Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Southern Chinese Boxing system - it is recognised as being an efficient close quarter martial art.

Full Circle Wing Chun is based in Bournemouth - we practice the Chu Sau Lei Method of Wing Chun as founded by Grand Master Robert Chu and we are a licensed branch school under Alan Orr, Sifu (Ying Hung Wing Chun).

Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun emphasizes the training, development and correct understanding and application of the body's natural mechanics - in short, what we term as 'Body Structure Methods'. These encompass the guiding principles and concepts that govern the essential core skills of our system. Our methods will enable the practitioner to strike more powerfully, have greater awareness and control of their base, and develop the ability to control their opponents more effectively.