Lai Miu Hin

Posted by tommy56nc on Dec 12, 2011
Ancestors and Sifus

Lai Miu-Hin (Li Miaoxin) was born sometime in the 1880s and was the wife of Chan Yiu-Min and the daugher-in-law of Chan Wah-Shun. She learned Weng Chun Kuen* and medicine from her father-in-law, alongside her huband.

Reportedly very knowledgeable in Weng Chun, Lai Miu-Hin was said to have helped her husband Chan Yiu-Min teach several students, including her sons Chan Ga-Wing, Ga-Chai, and Ga-Liem.

Lai Miu-Hin passed away at the age of 89.

Note: Unlike some of his classmates, Chan Yiu-Min seems to have exclusively used the Weng Chun (always spring) rather than Wing Chun (praise spring) characters to identify the name of the system.


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