Jiu Wan Lineage

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The Jiu Wan branch of Wing Chun Kuen is the branch passed down by Wing Chun Kuen enthusiast Jiu Wan, the nephew of Jiu Chow - (top student of Chan Yiu Men). Jiu Wan was known to have also learned from several other Wing Chun Kuen masters outside of his uncle, including Yip Man. The nature of Jiu Wans association with Yip Man isnt known to this day. Several students of Yip Man, such as Yip Ching (Yip Mans youngest son) suggests Jiu Wan actualy learned from Yip Man, while other students such as Duncan Leung recount discussions with Yip Man where he openly stated his opinion that “Jiu Wan had the best students he had ever seen and respected Jiu more than most” - which does not substantiate Jiu activly learning from Yip. Students of Jiu Wan preserve that Jiu and Yip were friends, and trained together sharing their experiances. Jiu Wan was also close friends with Lok Yiu and Lee Shing and frequently trained together.

  • Oral tradition Jason Lau
  • Oral and written tradition Pan Nam
  • Leungs Publishing
  • Oral and written tradition Chan Family

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