Cho Hung Choi Branch

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  • Sup Sam Sau - (13 Hands)
  • Siu Lien Tao (Little Detail Training)-The Cho Gar SLT is from Opera boat Cheng Tan (Male playing female role)actor Yik Kam. The form is comprised of 4 long sections, similar to Lo Kwai Family ( a rare lineage decending from Leung Jan’s Foshan Teachings).
    • Section 1: “Understanding the Principles” Equivilant to standard Siu Lien Tao
    • Section 2: “Accept and Responce” Equivilant to standard Chum Kiu -introduces 2 kicks, the Lui Lun Toi and the Chuen Sum Toi. 8 core kicking methods are hidden though. No Side kick, as this is looked at as a “Add on” from H.K
    • Section 3: “Smoothing The Flow” Equivilant to standard Biu Jee
    • Section 4: “Natural Transport” San Sik/All the Major Cycles
  • Fa Kuen (Variegated Fist or the Flower set )
  • Jeet Kuen (Intercepting Fist)
  • Sui Da (Random Hitting)
  • Chui Da (Chase Hitting)
  • Fu Hok Seung Ying (Tiger Crane Double Shape)
  • Jin Jeung (Arrow Palm)
  • Jin Kuen(Arrow Fist)
  • Chi Sao Lung (Sticking Hands Set)
  • Muk Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy)
  • Luk Dim Boon Gwun Sup Saam Cheung (Six and a Half Point Pole Thirteen Spear)
  • Yan Jee Dao (Convergent Shaped Knives)
  • Tap Chui (Hamering punches set)

Non-Wing Chun Forms

  • Choy Lai Fut (Choy, Lai, & Buddhist)
  • Chui Pat Sin or Joy Kuen (Drunken Fist)
  • Dai Pa (Trident)
  • Kwan Do (Kwan’s Knife)
Sup Sam Sao

This version of the Sup Sam Sau (13 Hands) descends from Cho Family Wing Chun Kuen ancestor Cho Hung Choi, and is supposedly based on the teachings of Cho On and cross-referanced with Cho Chuen and Saam Chan versions. They are organized as follows, with 4 cycles, 2 issues, and 7 methods:

  1. Huen (outward)
  2. Kaam (inward)
  3. Tiu (lift)
  4. Thaap (Pile)
  5. Chung (Thrust)
  6. Pao (Throw)
  7. Gaun (Split)
  8. Fu (Tiger)
  9. Hok (Crane)
  10. Po (Break)
  11. See (Tear)
  12. Chien (Thousand)
  13. Kaa (Rack)

“Huen Kaam Tiu Thaap are always needed”//

Notes: Accounts from Cho Hung Choi’s lineage name Cho Shun as the generation between Yik Kam and Cho Dak Sang (and thus the founder and first Cho generation) while accounts from Lao Suen Yin maintain Cho Dak Sang learned directly from Yik Kam (making him the founder and first Cho generation).


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