Tam Hun Fan

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One of Leung Ting's earliest students was Tam Hun Fan (譚鴻勳). Tam Hun Fan was a practitioner of many southern styles and who had a reputation as a formidable fighter. One day, he challenged a taoist priest to a fight and was defeated. It turned out that the priest was a practitioner of Wing Chun. Impressed by this skill, Tam Hun Fan went to seek the grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip Man, to learn Wing Chun. Unfortunately, Ip Man was in the advanced stages of cancer at the time and asked Leung Ting take in Tam Hun Fan as a student.

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Tam Hun Fan soon became skilled in Wing Tsun and began assisting Leung Ting in teaching classes. Tam Hun Fan was given permission to set up his own martial arts association (The Wing Tsun Tam Hun Fan Martial-Art Association) with his Headquarters in Hong Kong. He eventually took Wing Tsun to New Zealand where schools were established in Auckland and Wellington. Tam Hun Fan’s brand of Wing Tsun is focused on developing softness, dissolving energy and borrowing energy. He has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award and also the 10th Level degree by the World Organization of Wushu and Kungfu Masters (世界功夫武术段位制总会) We regret to announce that Grand Master Tam Hun Fan passed away in the morning of Tuesday, 27 October 2009. Grand Master Tam was well respected in the Wing Chun/Tsun community and was well known for his use of softness in Chi Sau to overcome hardness. His passing is a great loss to the Wing Chun/Tsun community. The wake and funeral was at the Kowloon Funeral Parlour (Hong Kong) on 8 and 9 November 2009. Apart from his family and numerous disciples, the wake and funeral was attended by many in the Hong Kong martial arts community both within and outside the Wing Chun/Tsun families. Sijo Yip Man's sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching also came to offer their condolences.

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