Steve Benjamin Crider

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I have approx 26 years combined Formal (nearly 12 years) and informal (14 years) history in Wing Chun Kung Fu. My formal education in the art began in 1988 under Sifu Brian K. Edwards. Since that time, I have trained nearly 12 years under 4 men I called Sifu and 1 I called SiHing in at least 3 different lineages of Wing Chun. I had a bad experience with 2 of my instructors, 1 in particular, but respect their Kung fu, and carry good lessons learned from them forward with me. Read more


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Most of my training, about 6 years total over 4 different timeframes, was with my first instructor in the art, and he bears the greatest influence upon my ideas of Wing Chun. I maintain friendships with at least 3 of my former instructors, but list no affiliation to any, nor claim to be teaching the lineage of any. My ideas are ultimately the accumulation of all my experiences and contacts in the art over 26 years, as such I only proclaim to be teaching the art as I interpret it, to be teaching "Steve Crider's Wing Chun."

Born: Sep 14, 1968

Last updated: May 1, 2014

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