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Sifu: Jimmy Manfredy's methodology can be expressed as follows: “Kung Fu is more than self-defense or fighting, it's a way of life and is in everything; it's in every cultures history, medicine, philosophy and their way of life all around the world." Sifu: Jimmy Manfredy's began his the bulk of his earlier martial arts studies in Chang Quan (Long Fist) under Master Wang Zhi Chen in New York City, he then went on to study Zui Quan(Drunken Boxing,)Qin Na, Yang Tai Chi, Jow Ga, Jiu-jitsu, Aikido, Capoera and Tae Kwon Do with various other instructors before beginning his study of Wing Chun. Read more


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Under Sifu Sam Hing Fai Chan where he learned the complete traditional system of Wing Chun. Sifu Manfredy has since trained with a number of instructors in order to learn everything he could so he may provide his students with the best possible experience, one of the Sifu manfredy's most influential teachers is the world famous SiGung(Grandmaster) Steve Lee Swift in Oldsmar, FL, as a Student of Grandmaster Swift his skills in Wing Chun combinations grew faster and greater then he could ever have expected. Sifu Manfredy's current teacher and Master is the World famous Grand Master Samuel Kwok, as Sifu Kwoks Direct Bai Si(Tea Ceremony) Disciple places Sifu Manfredy in the direct lineage as a 3rd Generation Discple of the Great Grandmaster Ip Man(Yip Man)as a Direct Disciple of both Ip Ching and Ip Chun, Sifu Samuel Kwok is the foremost representative of the Ip Man Wing Chun Lineage all over the world and with his direct hands on guidance in putting together our curriculum here at the Twisting Tiger Academy, as well as providing periodic seminars hosted by Sifu Samuel Kwok in order to help Sifu Jimmy Manfredy provide our students with the best training Traditional Wing Chun has to offer.​ Sifu Manfredy is currently a member of Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association in good standings and is now passing down the knowledge he has gained from his elders in the art traditional Wing Chun Keun in order to preserve the teaching of all the Masters who have come before.​

Born: Nov 16, 1979

Last updated: Dec 20, 2013

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