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Sifu Walker, full name Richard W. Walker, has been studying Chinese Martial Arts for 40 years. He's been studying the Wing Chun system for more then 13 years, and been teaching, the system for more then 9 years. Other than the Wing Chun system, Sifu Walker, has studied other various Chinese Styles from the Shaolin & Wudang Temple. Sifu Walker born in Harlem but grew up in Queens, Brooklyn, and Harlem. He started studying Fu Jow Pai in 1974 in San Jose, California in the Tigers Den under Sifu Ron McCarn. He also studied Choy Lee Fut and Hung Ga for several years. Read more


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He had heard about Wing Chun but knew no one who taught it or knew it. He started to learn Traditional Wing Chun in 2001. He started teaching Traditional Wing Chun when he mastered the system with the approval of Sigung Terence Yip Pui. He has continued with his training and school Wing Mo Kwoon Wing Chun for the past 9 years. Sifu Richard has focused on four styles of Kung Fu. Traditional Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Hung Ga and Chi Gong. He has studied Tai Chi Yang Style and San Feng Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword Yang Style, and Yijin Jing (muscle tendon change) Chi Gong and Hung Ga. He has focused on these four styles for the past 13 years. Kung Fu is a way of life you are always learning and growing as well as helping your students to do the same.

Born: Aug 22, 1951

Last updated: Feb 19, 2014

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