Phillip Warburton

Historical Ancestors > Yat Chum > Cheung Ng (Tan Sao Ng) > Leung Yee Tai > Dr. Leung Jan (Leung Tak Wing) > Chan Wah Shun > Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Gai-Man) > Chu Shong Tin 徐尚田 > Jim Fung Cheun Keung 馮傳蔃 > Mark Spence > Phillip Warburton

Bio Info:

Phillip Warburton started training Wing Chun in 2003. Phillip has training mostly with Mark Spence of Chi Sau Club. And overall influenced heavily by Chu Shong Tin's method of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Phillip opened his first school in 2007, and has since expanded to 3 locations across Sydney.


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Born: Feb 5, 2013

Last updated: Jul 22, 2013

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