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Philip Nearing

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An internationally renowned martial arts instructor for more than 20 years, Master Philip Nearing began his study of Wing Chun Kung Fu in 1983 with Sifu Steve Lee Swift. After six years of rigorous study he opened is own academy in 1989. Today, it is one of the country's leading Wing Chun schools, and enjoys a reputation in Chicago as the definitive school for kung fu study. Master Nearing is a student of Grand Master Samuel Kwok, the senior student and instructor for both Ip Ching and Ip Chun, sons of Wing Chun's renowned teacher - Great Grandmaster Ip Man.

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Master Nearing has enjoyed the privilege of assisting Grand Master Kwok with seminars throughout the United States, as well as England, South Africa, Hong Kong and mainland China. In 1999, at the first "Ving Tsun World Conference" and Grand Opening of the Ip Man Tong in Fatsan, China, Master Nearing demonstrated chi sao and the Wing Chun pole form as taught by Ip Ching. He has hosted exclusive seminars that have regularly brought Sigung Ip Ching and Sifu Samuel Kwok from Hong Kong and Blackpool, England respectively. At a competitive level, Master Nearing has been proud to represent Ip Man Wing Chun in chi sao matches against other Wing Chun practitioners. He has also consistently succeeded in challenge matches against other martial arts stylists, the United States, England, South Africa, mainland China and Hong Kong. Dedicated to ensuring fair, honorable competition, Master Nearing has also established, organized and moderated some of the very first chi sao competitions in the United States. Master Nearing continues to expand on his knowledge, exploring important issues in the constantly evolving world of martial arts and self defense. In recent years he has prepared fighters from his studio for mixed martial arts competion with the Carlson Gracie Jiujitsu Team. He has also studied brasilian jiujitsu himself, receiving his blue belt from the late Grandmaster Carlson Gracie in 2005. Master Nearing presently studies historical fencing with the Chicago Swordplay Guild and is ranked a scholar with that organization. As the main thrust of study at his studio is practical self defense, Master Nearing feels it is crucial to explore outside of the confines of his own gym in order to keep his teaching methods current. It allows us to remain true to the spirit and practice of Wing Chun as well as to keep study practical and effective. Here, we truly believe Ip Man's credo that," Wing Chun taught originally will remain strong".

Last updated: Nov 13, 2011

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