Peter Schop

Historical Ancestors > Yat Chum > Cheung Ng (Tan Sao Ng) > Leung Yee Tai > Dr. Leung Jan (Leung Tak Wing) > Chan Wah Shun > Ip Man 葉問 (Yip Gai-Man) > Wong Shun Leung 黃淳樑 > Barry Lee > Peter Schop
Peter Schop ving tsun wing chun wong shun leung barry lee kung fu rotterdam h

Bio Info:

Started training wing chun in 1990.

Started teaching in 1994

First seminar from wong shun leung 1996.

First seminar Barry Lee 1999. After that I became a private student of Barry Lee.

Still training and teaching in the Barry Lee lineage.


No students


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Born: Apr 14, 1971

Last updated: Feb 9, 2012

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