Michael Sooper

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Michael Sooper

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Hello, I'm Michael Sooper and I'm currently teaching privately in the Las Vegas/Henderson area of Nevada. I started studying Wing Chun in the fall of 2001 after a long break from my previous martial arts studies. My first instructor was Sifu Sean Meyer. In 2003 Sifu Sean moved on from his former organization and started training under Sifu Eric Li and encouraged me to go and train with Sifu Li myself. Read more
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Since that time I've been training under Eric Li and as of the end of 2013 I became a recognized Sifu under his organization Wing Chun Society. I currently offer a group class every Tuesday evening from 7-9pm and private sessions at my home in the Whitney Ranch/Galleria Mall area Henderson, NV. Classes are available in English and Japanese. Availability is during the evening on weekdays and noon to evenings on the weekends.

Born: Nov 9, 1978

Last updated: Mar 15, 2015

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