Massimiliano Petrei

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Max Petrei Wing Chun

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Mssimiliano Petrei was born in Pescara (Abruzzo) Italy, in 1967. In 1997 he began the practice of martial arts with the depth Ninjutzu, Hapkido, but it is only in 2002, who knows his true passion, the Wing Chun Kuan. knows Sifu Nino Bernardo, and became practitioner. Read more


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in 2008/09 knows the student is more important than Sifu Franco Regalzi, and with the opportunity of not being able to train more with Bernardo view as difficult to find his home in Ibiza, begins with Regalzi and becoming his student. At the same time also became an instructor and coordinator of the system Wong Shun Leung in Abruzzo. Deepens and studying the entire system with sifu Franco Regalzi. In 2013, while entertaining good relations with his teacher, he began his career independently. Sifu Max Petrei currently lives and teaches in Pescara. Abruzzo / Italy.

Born: Apr 23, 1967

Last updated: Jul 2, 2013

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