Lee Shui Wah 李兆華

Lee Shui Wah 李兆華
Lee Shui Wah

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This is a translated bio from his homepage (google translate does a poor job).  If you have better info, please let us know.  We still are unsure who his Sifu is.

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Grandmaster Ip Man talented disciples, there hard-edged, universally famous predecessors; also keep dark Tao light, quietly lapping boxing predecessors, but whether the former or the latter, the mass of the final is still the same treasure of Chinese martial arts - Wing Chun. Shizu Wang Shirong it is the latter. Shizu attend early years with the Wing Chun master Yip Man, the sixties after successful boxing skills in building and apprentices, the disciples and the public, of which the master apprentice anniversary of the hair to make it really pass. I Lee Siu-wah teenager learning Wing Chun with Master Zhou, through a decade xiu training hard, doing one's best mentor true mass. Boxing vested, often read return Shien, then in 1980 to help teachers help 敎 as boxing. After several years, grace division approval officially established in 1986, Hall and apprentices, also in different youth centers, schools and private clubs such as Wing Chun 敎 grant, grant boxing experience, aware of the road due to material facilities 敎​​. Wing Chun training methods thirty-five set, grant boxing twenty-five set, grant boxing skill and experience are growing, is still often develop Wing Chun method in mind, so this gem of Chinese martial arts have been handed down.

Last updated: Nov 13, 2011

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