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Kevin Gledhill

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I started training Ving Tsun in '84 under Victor Kan, London, UK. I reached grade 9 instructor certification ( of 10 ). I taught at the UK HQ under VK for many years. I traveled with VK as his seminar assistant to many schools in Europe: Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium. USA: NY, NJ, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco. During this time I met and exchanged ideas with many branches of Ving Tsun, comparing them and getting first hand experience with Yip mans sons, Yip Ching , Yip Chun. Read more


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I also personally met Sifu Chris Chan, Hawkins Cheung, Wong Shun Leung, Kenneth Cheung, Augustine Fong, Moy Yat, Wong Kiu, And others: Sam Kwok, Robert Chu, Phil Redmond, Birol Ozden, Jose Ortiz, along with many students of these sifu's. So I had first hand experience with In 1998 I was asked by VK to open a branch in NYC, this was when I moved to NYC and opened a school on Mott st. Chinatown. After a few years It became obvious I was not advancing in my teaching and had become a source of income and nothing more to V Kan, so I decided to leave the organization. After a few years I heard from Desmond Spencer (sihing) about Philipp Bayer a direct student of WSL, who DS highly recommended. After meeting PB in NYC 2004 I have followed his way ever since. Philipp Bayer is a hard working individual, who has taken the skill set of Ving Tsun to a level I had not come across in my travels.

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