Juri Fleischmann

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Juri Fleischmann

Bio Info:

Austin Goh's German representative.

Juri Fleischmann has being researching different Asian martial arts for the past 30 years.His goal is the practical application for self-protection. Among other titles he holds a 6th Dan black belt in Hapkido and 5th degree in Wing Chun.

He has additional experience in FMA (Filippino Martial Arts),Kick-Thai Boxing,Ju Jitsu, Ground Fighting and the use of all kinds of police batons.

He holds certificates of security and handling with fire arms.(regulated to German federal law).

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  • Juri Fleischmann
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Bio (con't)

Juri Fleischmann offers seminars worldwide. He is a member of two different "Hall of Fame" in the USA.-(World Head Of Family Sokeship Council;1998 www.whfsc.com and USAMartial Art Hall Of Fame;2010 www.usnmat.net ).

Last updated: Jan 15, 2012

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