Jon Linder

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Sifu Jon Linder began his Wing Chun training in 1992 under Jason Zenobia, studying for 4 years. In 1995, he met Sifu John Melillo and began training under him in January of 1996. Sifu Linder came up through the ranks and became an assistant instructor and then full instructor at Sifu Melillo's school. Sifu Jon has been head instructor of Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy for the last 9 years and, along with Sifu Melillo, a full instructor for Team AWC. Besides his lengthy Wing Chun background, Jon also trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitstu, under Prof. Read more


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Eduardo Martinez, and competes in tournaments where he has won Gold Medals in the men's light heavyweight divisions of N.A.G.A. and Grappler's Quest, respectfully. Sifu Jon is the only instructor certified to teach Wing Chun under Sifu Melillo.

Last updated: Nov 25, 2012

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