Javier Fernandez

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Sifu Javier Fernandez, when very young child his family moved to Puerto Rico, and when he was 9 years old he started his first martial arts training under Sensei Carlos Lopez, his first Master in the art of Shotokan and kyokushinkai, where he received his black belt in the original style of his teacher Gran Master Carlos Lopez "Semai-do Karate"., Moving forward in their training and knowledge of martial arts, started in 1981 under Sifu Celso Davila training in "Jun Fan kung-fu", well known as Bruce Lee style. Read more


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It was here with Sifu Davila where his life start turning completely, in how to view and mix all of this concepts about the different styles of martial arts, and then he continuing the journey. He returned back to Miami in 1987 where he continued training under several other great Masters of the arts..., continuing traing years later earned a black belt in Ju-Jitsu under Dr.Philep Chenique and Grand Master Arturo Morera, forming parts of "Atemi Ryu Certified Tactical Instructor", in which still remains active and currently training. Sifu Javier Fernandez fouder of "JAF WING CHUN" with over 40 years in several styles of martial arts, has been a very dedicated student of Wing Chun over the pass years under Sifu Tony Massangill and Sifu Sam Chan, He travels to their Training Facility on a very regular basis from his home town to be training with his Sifu's.

Born: Jun 29, 1963

Last updated: Jan 2, 2014

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