Jason Kokkorakis

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Jason Kokkorakis

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Having trained in martial arts daily for nearly 3 decades, the last 15 years dedicating my time more  to Wing Chun, Ka-Li and Tai Chi. I have benefited from 1000′s of hours of quality instruction, personal training and training with my peers to develop the skills I share with my students today. The goal of the UMAA is to offer unrivaled instruction in the Martial Arts and offer a no nonsense approach to learning a complete system of skills, no politics, myths or secrets. We observe the training philosophy that a fighting skill should be as simple, direct and efficient as possible.

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Every skill we practice is based on highly advanced systems of training methods that are fun, intensely challenging and highly rewarding. After 30 years of practice, I still enjoy every minute! I still seek instruction when financially possible, organise seminars and workshops for myself and my students to attend, but do not follow a single mans approach. All have something to offer and I take my inspiration from them all.

Born: Jul 24, 2012

Last updated: Feb 22, 2012

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