James Earl Darby

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Sifu Darby with Grandmaster William Cheung 1999

Bio Info:

Born in Baltimore ,Md. in 1956. Studied Shodkon Karate as a teen under Sensei J. Little . Grew up as childhood friends with 2 modern day Masters listed in these archives (Sifu John Clayton and Sifu Anthony Arnett) . Worked 19 yrs. as a welder in the sparrows point shipyard , moved into the machinist trade for 10 years . Currently employed as a longshoreman . Married 35 years to A GREAT wife with 3 children and 6 Grandchildren. Founded The "Darby wing Chun Academy" in 1998 after extensive training at The Maryland Wing Chun Acacemy under Sifu John Clayton . Read more
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  • Sifu Phillip Redmond ,Sifu Clayton , Sifu Darby , &Sifu Anthony Arnett


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Spent two (2) years teaching at The Johns Hopkins Kung Fu Club (on campus) in Baltimore. Also founded and is chief instructor at The "Kicking It For Christ Kung Fu Ministy" at a local church in N.E. Baltimore that brings familes of the community together to strengthen the mind & body through disciplined training.

Born: Apr 24, 1956

Last updated: Mar 10, 2013

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