Derek Fung (Fung Ping Bor)

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Derek Fung Wing Chun 馮平波詠春拳 The Kung Fu style made world famous by the late Bruce Lee is being revived in Sydney by one of the few remaining authentic Chinese Masters. Wing Chun is known throughout the world as one of the most effective fighting styles, yet ironically it was founded by a Buddhist Nun nearly 300 years ago in China. Wing Chun's most famous disciple was the legendary Bruce Lee, who dazzled cinema audiences across the globe in the early 1970's with his lightning speed and tangible power. Read more


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His unique martial arts skills base, unprecedented for and still unmatched by any actor, came from his training with the late Grandmaster Ip Man in Hong Kong in the 1950's. One of Lee's senior training colleagues, Derek Fung is now teaching classes in Sydney. He is one of the few remaining genuine Masters who were among only a handful who learnt the complete art from Ip Man. Now in his seventies, Derek is brimming with the vitality and power of someone half his age. He is a living testament to the incredible health benefits offered by Chinese kung fu. Now retired from his career with Qantas, Derek is devoting his energy to teaching this most unusual yet effective martial art. Wing Chun is known for its simplicity and practicality. Derek's direct lineage to the source of Wing Chun brings not only authenticity of knowledge, but also a streamlined method of learning that delivers useful skills quickly to people of all ages and levels of training. "The essence of Wing Chun is the ability to generate power, regardless of size and strength," said Derek. "I have had the opportunity to refine my knowledge of Wing Chun through years of practice and build upon the real fighting experience I gained in my early years in Hong Kong. "Through this I can take students at all levels of knowledge - complete novices at martial arts, and students from all styles of martial arts, including Wing Chun - to a method of developing power that they can apply immediately and adapt to any situation. "This practical and tangible force appeals to thinking people; rather than learning by sequences they are given an instant ability to use this dynamic Wing Chun force for self defence."

Last updated: Aug 21, 2012

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