Chan Wai Ling

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The info we have is sketchy. Apparently he was Sam Kwok's original teacher in 1967.  We've seen the name listed as Chan Wai LING and Chan Wai HONG, etc.  We have no idea if this is the same guy, but both are credited with teaching Sam Kwok.  Most likely they are different, and LING trained Kwok and HONG is another student. We are unsure who Chan Wai's teacher is - probabily Ip Man, but this is unverified, and it is doubted if he was a full Sifu under Yip Man.  Please let us know if you have better info.

Sifu Chan Wai Hong is early student of GM Ip Man

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This sifu was listed on the VTAA website: Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2304-0273 Email: Contact: Yick Ho Yin, Sifu Chan Wai Sifu Chan Wai Hong 陳衛匡 Tel: (852) 2723-2306 Fax: (852)27212085     Website:     授課時間:星期三,五 : 1900-2100     授課地點:尖沙嘴彌敦道 58 號美麗都大廈 3 字樓 F4 室

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