Bryan Talbot

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Influenced by the TV show “Kung Fu” with David Carradine, Sifu Talbot began training in Kung Fu in 1973 at the Inglewood YMCA. For the next twenty years, he trained many forms of martial arts. Most were mixed kung fu styles that incorporated Wing Chun techniques. In 1991, however, Sifu Talbot began his relationship with Master Ron Heimberger, his Ip Family Lineage, and traditional Wing Chun. He began instructing under the close supervision of Master Heimberger, and in 1994 opened his own school. Read more


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After a few more years of grueling training, he was accepted as Master Heimberger’s disciple. In 1996, he had the great opportunity to train and chi sau with Master Ip Ching, his Sigung and the youngest son of renowned Grandmaster Ip Man. Sadly, however, Sifu Heimberger passed away in 2008. Approximately one year after Sifu Heimberger's death, Sifu Bryan was introduced to Grandmaster Samuel Kwok by his good friends - Sifus Nick and Angela Minerva Seeking to preserve his Ip Family lineage and to continue improving his Wing Chun, Sifu Talbot exchanged hands with GM Kwok. He was deeply impressed by Grandmaster Kwok’s world class skill , his deep passion for preserving Grandmaster Ip Man's Wing Chun, and his caring and humble character. In late 2009, Sifu Talbot was accepted as Grandmaster Kwok's student and disciple and is a current member of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Association. In 2010, Sifu Talbot founded West Coast Wing Chun in Long Beach, Ca. He has affiliate clubs in San Diego, Ca. and Layton, Utah.

Born: Aug 16, 1960

Last updated: May 22, 2012

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