Anthony "Moy Tung" Dandridge

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Moy Tung

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Grandmaster Anthony “Moy Tung” Dandridge has had a lifetime influenced by the martial arts from a very young age. Born in Richmond, Virginia, he grew up in New Jersey and Philadelphia when his childhood was not spent traveling to different military bases where his father was stationed throughout the United States and abroad. He achieved high ranking in certain martial arts and even became an instructor of Karate. In 1980, his continuing search for superior martial arts brought him to New York City and Grandmaster Moy Yat. Read more
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Bio (con't)

During his first years of training at the Chinatown School in New York City, Moy Tung commuted from Philadelphia. After a very short time training, he was pleased and amazed to find the incredible power available in even the most basic of the Ving Tsun techniques he had learned. He noticed that sparring partners who had previously been formidable opponents could now be bested easily. Moy Tung realized that such a powerful system deserved and required his complete dedication. He became a student in the truest sense of the word, looking at this new martial art as a beginner despite his vast previous experiences in other martial arts. Within three years Moy Tung embraced the training of Ving Tsun Kung Fu as a full-time commitment. Two of Moy Tung’s first six years of training were spent living with his Sifu as a close personal student, a practice carried out only by certain members of Moy Yat’s group of special students, the SSA. During this time he also maintained a residence in Philadelphia so as to be able to give his Sifu space and privacy when necessary. However, he spent the entire time living the Kung Fu life: training constantly and intensely, and being a devoted student and constant companion to his Sifu. This was a period of great personal effort and sacrifice on the part of Moy Tung. He made it a cornerstone of his training to spend as much time with his Sifu as possible while always being able to support himself and to take care of business and personal matters for his Sifu. Today, Moy Tung oversees the training of hundreds of students, grandstudents, and great-grandstudents throughout the country.

Last updated: Sep 25, 2011

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