chi sao

This is a list of all Sifus and Schools listed in this lineage by Profile Type: Video
Profile Type Namesort descending Post date
Video Bayou Wing Chun - A bit of a push to test Stance and core and finishing with freestyle Chi Sao Apr 4, 2017
Video Chi Sao Catching Dec 1, 2018
Video Chi-Sao Jan 2, 2014
Video Jut Da - Coordination Breakdown (raw footage) Feb 12, 2015
Video Philipp Bayer & Stephan Ripple Oct 5, 2017
Video SEUNG CHI SAO Oct 9, 2013
Video SIKDAKNEI WING CHUN KYUN/悉德尼詠春拳 Sep 13, 2019
Video Snake Crane Small Huen Sao Chi Sao Apr 30, 2017
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