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This is a list of all Sifus and Schools listed in this lineage by Profile Type: Video
Profile Type Namesort descending Post date
Video Backyard Impressions Jun 13, 2022
Video Bayou Wing Chun - A bit of a push to test Stance and core and finishing with freestyle Chi Sao Apr 4, 2017
Video Chi Sao May 24, 2020
Video Chi Sao Catching Dec 1, 2018
Video Chi Sao Training in Hong Kong - Entrenamiento de Chi Sao en Hong Kong Nov 23, 2020
Video Chi Sao with GM Si Yuk Men May 23, 2020
Video Chi-Sao Jan 2, 2014
Video Guangzhou Wing Chun demonstration January 2020 廣州詠春拳演示 Nov 30, 2020
Video Jut Da - Coordination Breakdown (raw footage) Feb 12, 2015
Video Lap Sau - Checks for Correct Response Aug 20, 2021
Video Philipp Bayer & Stephan Ripple Oct 5, 2017
Video SEUNG CHI SAO Oct 9, 2013
Video SIKDAKNEI WING CHUN KYUN/悉德尼詠春拳 Sep 13, 2019
Video Snake Crane Small Huen Sao Chi Sao Apr 30, 2017
Video Some hits in two seconds Jun 13, 2022
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