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School Namesort descending Head Sifu Country State City Website Updated date
Ving Tsun Rotterdam Peter Schop Netherlands Zuid Holland Rotterdam Feb 7, 2012
Ving Tsun Schule Schriesheim Lars Ender Germany Baden-Württemberg Schriesheim Ving Tsun Schule Schriesheim Jul 5, 2011
Ving Tsun Schule Wiesbaden Oliver Grams Germany Wiesbaden Ving Tsun Schule Wiesbaden Jul 5, 2011
Ving Tsun University Frank Wyatt United States Pennsylvania Philadelphia Ving Tsun University Jul 8, 2011
Ving Tsun USA Kevin Gledhill United States New York Brooklyn Jun 30, 2018
Ving Tsun Wellness Club Ron Heimberger United States Arizona Prescott Valley Mar 17, 2018
VingDragon's Martial Arts Club Derek M. Rozanski United States New York Brooklyn Jun 3, 2018
Vinh-Xuan Quyen Vu Khac Tri Belgium Namur Namur 5000 Vinh-Xuan Quyen Jul 11, 2011
Virginia Beach Wing Chun Gordon Lo (Lu) United States Virginia Virginia Beach Virginia Beach Wing Chun Jul 8, 2011
VTK Kung Fu Schule Robert Stockbauer Germany Bayern Markt Indersdorf Mar 16, 2013