The Yum Yeurng Academy

The Yum Yeurng Academy

Head Instructor: Barry Lee

Website: The Yum Yeurng Academy

Phone: 44-79-5635-8897

Address 1: Mill Hill & Palmers Green

Address 2:

City: North London


Country: US

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The Yum Yeurng Academy is the creation of Barry Lewis and Spencer Devine. Together they have trained a select group of students using a unique curriculum passed to them by their teacher Sifu Joseph Man. Originating from the Lee Shing Wing Chun Family, The Academy is based in North London and offers individually tailored Martial Art Tuition.

You can learn at The Yum Yeurng Academy by deciding which path suits you best. A genuine curriculum is taught to beginners prior to the introduction of Lee Shing Wing Chun, which is known for it's extensive training in weapons and equipment sometimes referred to as 'Side Body Wing Chun'.