Wingchun Academy Association - Sweden

Wingchun Academy Association - Sweden

Head Instructor: Peter Yeung

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Ip Chun

Website: Wingchun Academy Association - Sweden (WCAA-Sweden)


Address 1: Akallaby 5

Address 2:

City: Stockholm Kista

State/Provience: ST

Country: SE

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Wing Chun 詠春 (Chinese: 咏春 Yǒng Chūn) is the largest famous non-sport Cantonese martial art ( KungFu 功夫 ) for turn you weakness into strength, since WingChun is unique defence art of martial art than combat sport i.e. defence under unfair conditions and environments e.g. physical stronger/bigger against weaker, many against alone or under dark narrow environments etc.
WingChun Academy Association - Sweden 詠春拳學會 - 瑞典 ( WCAA-Sweden ) is educating WingChun instructors / pedagogues and practitioners (beginners) the strategic defensive martial art of Wing Chun Kuen 詠春拳, it is also an anti-stressful art for survival, health / wellness and profession improvements. WCAA-Sweden is also acting as WingChun mentor or supplier to associations and for enable you to start you own WingChun organization or entrepreneurship.
WCAA-Sweden WingChun is currently the only Ip Man (Yip Man 葉問) 2nd generation WingChun academy in Stockholm Sweden, registered & certified direct under the grandmaster Ip Chun / Yip Chun 葉準 and is therefore lineage registered. WCAA's WingChun is founded and further developed by Sifu (master) Peter Yeung,