Wing Chun MD

Head Instructor: Michael Speights

Website: Wing Chun MD

Phone: 2402307988

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City: Silver Spring

State/Provience: MD

Country: US

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Wing Chun Way, Inc. (詠春道)is an athletic organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the fighting art and practical science of Wing Chun Kung Fu as it has been passed down through the Yip Man lineage.


The focus of our training sessions is to provide our members with a quality training experience where each member can progress at his or her own pace. Here are a few ways we maintain a high standard:


Members are given personalized feedback on a regular basis, both informally during training sessions and formally during quarterly evaluations. Members have access to a private online forum where they can discuss training and other topics, share notes, coordinate socializing events, and view announcements.  The instructor balances between teaching and training along with students, leading them by example to ensure proper form.  

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