Wing Chun Kung Fu club "Dragon"

Wing Chun Kung Fu club

Head Instructor: Nenad Koviljac

Website: Nenad Koviljac Site


Address 1: Naselje Orao, Atomsko Skloniste

Address 2:

City: Sremska Mitrovica

State/Provience: SER

Country: CS

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more info:

Wing Chun Kung Fu Club "DRAGON" is in Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia. Head instructor in Dragon is sifu Koviljac Nenad. He is master of Traditional Wing Chun William Cheungs lineage and he now practising WSL PHB VT. Sifu Koviljac completely change his style to WSL cause o superiority of WSL PHB which he now teach in club Dragon. Club Dragon is part of Academy Dragon in Serbia with many other schools and clubs. Many good students grow from this school and they have now their own schools in various towns around Serbia.