Wing Chun Kuen Auckland

Wing Chun Kuen Auckland

Head Instructor: Gray Gillespie

Website: Wing Chun Kuen Auckland


Address 1:

Address 2: St Johns

City: Auckland

State/Provience: AUK

Country: NZ

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We train Hong Kong style Wing Chun. This is a very informal approach to training that most martial artists will be unfamiliar with. Session are conducted in a fun and easygoing atmosphere. Instruction is hands on and practitioners can learn at their own pace. Through touching hands and two person practice, the instructor will be to able help you with your next steps. While Wing Chun can be an effective and direct technical fighting method, the focus at our school will be on how to produce the maximum amount of force with the least effort. We will be practicing ways to make your hand and body structure strong (without using muscle) so that it can both receive and issue great force. Once this fundamental is achieved, you will be able to apply the technical aspects of this art with much greater power and proficiency. Achieving this first objective can be in and of itself a lifetime of study. What it comes down to is a very precise spinal and standing alignment as well as learning how to let go of tension throughout the body in order to let the joints rotate freely. The effects are surprising and amazing. How we train to achieve this involves standing practice, doing the forms, chi sao (sticky hands with a partner) wooden dummy practice and structural tests. Practical application and the fight science aspect of Wing Chun is usually covered later but can be taught earlier if the student requires it. From the beginning, practitioners will learn the form and sticky hands. Training Times & Location: Monday 7pm – 10pm Wednesday 7pm – 10pm Sunday 9am – 12pm Note: Hong Kong style training means people can come and train for as little or long as they like and start whenever. I hope to have daily training times and longer hours as popularity allows. Location: Meadowbank / St johns, Auckland, NZ Contact: