The Wing Chun Club Kung Fu

Head Instructor: Sunny Parekh

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Chu Shong Tin

Website: Facebook Page

Phone: +91 8758991451

Address 1: Shri Harihar Ashram

Address 2: Usmanpura

City: Ahmedabad

State/Provience: GJ

Country: IN

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more info:

Greetings. This is the Wing Chun Club Kung Fu. This is Hong Kong-based Wing Chun. I follow the CST method of Wing Chun. Master Chu Shong Tin (or CST) was Ip Man's direct student. He was dubbed the "King of Siu Nim Tao" by Ip Man himself due to his internal power development via the first Wing Chun form. The three main points of Wing Chun that *I* focus upon are: 1) relaxation to such a degree as to bypass muscle mass and use joints. 2) making use of intention to move. 3) conceptual training; using concepts to hone a variety of motions as opposing to drilling individual techniques.