Ving Tsun House Martial Arts

Ving Tsun House Martial Arts

Head Instructor: Leung Pui Chung


Phone: 852-2175-8381

Address 1: Roof Floor & 9/F., 21 Lai Chi Kok Road

Address 2:

City: Mongkok

State/Provience: KKC

Country: HK

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more info:

Chief Coach: Sifu Leung Pui Chung 梁沛忠

Senior Coaches :

Tsang Wai Sun 曾偉新 (852)9487-5160

Yu Kwai Cheung 余桂祥 (852)9741-2869

Tsui Siu Kei 徐少麒 (852)9730-2611

Leung Pui Hung 梁沛雄(852)9480-7639