Syracuse Martial Arts Academy

Syracuse Martial Arts Academy

Head Instructor: Anthony Iglesias

Website: Syracuse Martial Arts Academy - Home

Phone: 1-315-415-0928

Address 1: Shoppingtown Mall - Sears Wing 3649 Erie Blvd East

Address 2:

City: DeWitt

State/Provience: NY

Country: US

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Syracuse Martial Arts Academy has been bringing the highest level of authentic Martial Arts for nearly 10 years. Martial arts offers extraordinary self-defense, fitness and health benefits regardless of size, age or physical condition, that will last a lifetime. Come in and try us to see and feel why we are different than the rest. New Classes are Starting Now!

We have classes for adults ages 14 and older. No other activity can give you all the same benefits that you get from Martial Arts Training. Syracuse Martial Arts Academy offers what you are looking for: we have classical kung fu, street-wise more modern Jeet Kune Do, weapons training and ground fighting. Come on in and give it a try. We are The Original Mixed Martial Arts School.