Sunshine Coast Wing Chun

Sunshine Coast Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Andrew Withford

Website: Sunshine Coast Wing Chun

Phone: 61-07-5477-6819

Address 1: 5 Marjorie St.

Address 2:

City: Mooloolaba

State/Provience: QLD

Country: AU

Directions: Try to Map it

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Sunshine Coast Wing Chun has been established due to the Instructors genuine love for Wing Chun Kung Fu, and in respect and honor of our Sifu, the late great Grandmaster Jim Fung. We feel a strong responsibility to pass on the knowledge that we have been so fortunate to receive. We teach pure Wing Chun as taught by Sifu Jim Fung as taught to him by Sigun Tsui Seung Tin as taught to him by the famous Yip Man.

The approach that we adopt is eminently scientific, the idea being to explain the formula that Wing Chun operates on, so that you the student understand the mechanics and logic behind this beautiful and effective System of Kung Fu. The teaching method that we have developed is designed so that you will be stimulated intellectually as well as physically.

We are unreserved in our teaching and believe that it is necessary for all schools to pass on knowledge freely so that the science of this wonderful art is preserved for future generations.