Singapore Wing Chun Academy

Head Instructor: Raymone Goh

Website: Singapore Wing Chun Academy

Phone: 65 - 9199 3166

Address 1: 93 Pasir Ris Dr 3

Address 2:

City: Pasir Ris

State/Provience: N

Country: SG

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more info:

Singapore Wing Chun Academy was founded by Instructor Raymond after being certified and authorised by Sifu Johnny Song to be the first overseas training school out of Guangzhou. ​Sifu Johnny Song was trained in the Ku Lao Wing Chun lineage at a very young age back in his hometown. After he moved to Guangzhou in his teenage years to pursue his academic education, he had the opportunity to train under the direct close door disciple of Grandmaster Sum Nung and have ever since mastered the core concepts, techniques and training methods of the Yuen Kay San / Sum Nung Wing Chun System. Through his years of teaching, he has also developed modern teaching methods to enable students to pick up this traditional art. ​Instructor Raymond is the first and only private disciple of Sifu Johnny Song who has been taught the complete system to date. He has travelled to Guangzhou to train intensively under Sifu Johnny regularly for few years before being authorised to represent him under his lineage. Instructor Raymond has prior basic training in the Ip Man & Sum Nung styles under two other Sifu in Singapore. He was also trained and had represented Singapore in various international Wushu competitions in traditional & contemporary Chinese martial arts and has owned another school Xin Yi Wushu Academy focusing on the training of contemporary Wushu.