Shadowhand Wing Chun

Shadowhand Wing Chun

Head Instructor: James Sasitorn

Website: Shadowhand Wing Chun Kung Fu

Phone: 1-832-212-8549

Address 1: 5627 Royalton St.

Address 2:

City: Houston

State/Provience: TX

Country: US

Directions: Try to Map it

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Welcome to Shadowhand Wing Chun Kung Fu. We teach traditional Wing Chun in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Our school teaches students the theoretical and philosophical concepts in Wing Chun and martial arts, as well as hands-on, self-defense applications for Wing Chun Kung Fu. Students train practical and realistic techniques and reflexes to protect themselves and their loved ones. We do not teach any other style or system but have many students with various backgrounds in other martial arts.

If you are interested in observing, enrolling, or if you would like to discuss any of our ideas or your own, please arrange a visit via phone or e-mail in advance of one of our scheduled classes. SiFu Doc Savage provides distance learning programs and is available for seminar’s in your area. Contact us for more information.

We will be uploading more pictures and information periodically so please check back often.