Scottish Wing Chun Organisation

Scottish Wing Chun Organisation

Head Instructor: Brian Queen

School Lineage: (Ip Man) Ip Ching

Website: Welcome to

Phone: 44-797-700-5645

Address 1: Maryhill Community Central Hall. 304 Maryhill Road

Address 2:

City: Glasgow


Country: GB

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Martial arts, popular as they are, tend to be surrounded by mystique and steeped in myth.
With their use in mainstream films becoming increasingly more popular, many people are interested in taking up a martial art, but which one?! Some people teach the police, that one teaches SWAT, these teach never shown techniques…and only to members of the Intergalactic Federation! They ALL have testimonials about how great and devastating they are.
Well, the only people that we care about you! Who have we taught…lots of people from a whole range of backgrounds, but who cares, as long as we teach you well, that’s all that matters.
There are many styles available, try them out. We encourage our students to try something else if they wish, whether to compare or for whatever reason. It is up to you to check them out and see what they offer in comparison with what you are looking for.
Are they sport orientated (competitions etc.), is it for self-defence/fitness or is it for your self-confidence. However, is it practical and is it going to work for you?? That should be your first question.
We have been teaching in Scotland since 1989. Our Chief Instructor Paul Smith, has a growing, worldwide reputation for his skill level and teaching ability. Also, he’s won a title or two (quite a few!!). Our lineage is direct to Yip Man. We try not to deal with anything other than the facts, streetwise self defence that is simple, effective and with no kidology.