S3VT : System / Science / Skills Ving Tsun - WSLVT of Toronto, CANADA

Head Instructor: Dwight Hennings

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Address 1: 173 Lawrence Avenue West

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City: Toronto

State/Provience: ON

Country: CA

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S3VT is honoured to be the only recognized WSLVT school in Canada by the WONG SHUN LEUNG STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (WSLSA).

We are a Non-Commercial training environment committed to making WSLVT work for the individual.

WSLVT is a SYSTEM that is Simple, Direct, and Efficient in its application. The difference between a "System" and a "Style" is that WSLVT offers function not fashion. Concrete skills for the concrete world. CONCEPTS, STRUCTURES, and ACTIONS practiced through Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, Biu Jee, and Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) Forms. Various drills, exercises, Chi Sau, and other training methods are also employed to support the angles and mechanics which will result in ACTIONS that come alive with the right response, for the right or wrong situations.

We are an intimate and interactive training environment without belts, sashes, or seniority. The community of practitioners is in constant interaction with one another regardless of experience level.
Function, not fashion. Quality, not quantity. Value, not expense.

S3VT's 5 System Syllabus offers a comprehensive training format that challenges conventional methods to achieve the high skill and power that the WSLVT system offers. The System is designed to empower an individual of any martial arts experience, athleticism, body type, or age, as it best works for you. The skills one develops continually evolve and improve developing skilful fighting actions.

We are always open to introducing new people into our community who are committed to the training and group dynamic.

Sun : Beginners 1 - 3p, Advanced 3 - 6p
Mon : 7 - 930p
Tues : 7 - 9p
Wed : 7 - 930p
Thurs : 7 - 9p