Practical Self Defense Training Center

Practical Self Defense Training Center

Head Instructor: Andrew Di Guiseppi

Website: PSDTC Child Abduction Prevention Workshop

Phone: 1-203-596-9073

Address 1: 847 Hamilton Avenue

Address 2:

City: Waterbury

State/Provience: CT

Country: US

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Traditional Shaolin kung fu takes 18 years to produce a qualified warrior. The Wing Chun system can be completed in 3-5 years. Its methods were designed to exploit the "chinks in the armor" of their enemies both literally and figuratively.

In the world of empty hand fighting, and street fighting, there is no real armor, but rather chinks in the armor of the human body. The skeletal system and muscle system of the human body has many gaps and weaknesses, regardless of height, weight, age, or gender.

This art has many concepts and theories, all practical, and truly efficient.

To learn more about our Wing Chung style join the forums and introduce your self! My username is, lightninghands