Li’s School of Wing Chun, Taiji, and Qigong—Colorado

Li’s School of Wing Chun, Taiji, and Qigong—Colorado

Head Instructor: Russell Mc Whorter

Website: Infinite Yi - Welcome!

Phone: 1-719-963-4312

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City: Colorado Springs

State/Provience: CO

Country: US

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I am committed to presenting authentic Yip Man Wing Chun and Yang-style Tai Chi as passed down by Master Randy K. Li. I feel each of these arts have sufficient depth to warrant a lifetime of study and that each provides the real answers to meet today’s self-defense needs. On this site, you’ll find an introduction to our offerings. Of course, the best way to learn what authentic Wing Chun and Tai Chi training is about is by participating! I currently teach privately throughout the Colorado Springs area, and I am in the process of forming group classes. Corporate seminars also are available. Thank you for visiting, Russell McWhorter Head Instructor, Li’s School — Colorado