Lau Yat Wing Chun Academy


Head Instructor: Chris Burke

School Lineage: Other - Not Listed (Email Admin to add)

Website: Lau Yat Wing Chun (

Phone: 7705161106

Address 1: 616 Arnold Mill Rd

Address 2:

City: Woodstock

State/Provience: GA

Country: US

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more info:

Lau Yat Wing Chun Academy is quite different from the typical strip-mall martial arts school. Located on a large wooded lot, the students train in a private environment with both indoor and outdoor training areas. With a very limited enrollment, the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Because enrollment is limited, potential students must pass a formal interview and then must demonstrate their diligence during the first six months of training before being finally accepted. Training at Lau Yat Wing Chun Academy is very thorough, with emphasis on detail and depth of understanding. In addition to developing proficiency in the Wing Chun system, students are trained to discipline both the body and the mind, and learn to coordinate them together as one. As they progress in their training, students gradually learn to apply their kung fu skill to all aspects of their lives.