Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic Association

Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic

Head Instructor: Ko Kin Ng

Website: Ko Kin Wing Chun Athletic

Phone: 852-8103-5628/6409-9246

Address 1: 184B, 6/F,Hennessy Road

Address 2:

City: Wanchai


Country: HK

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Master Ko has practised Wing Chung for over 40 years. He has lavish teaching experience and he had innumerable students. Master Ko is the registered coach of Wing Chun Athletic Association.

Wing Chun is one famous branch of Chinese martial arts. Since Grand Master Yip Man brought Wing Chun to Hong Kong from China, there is a panoply of Wing Chun practitioners and students scattered around the globe. Wing Chun is welcomed by Western martial arts lovers by dint of its simplicity and practicality. Bare-hand techniques and weapons alike, learners can understand and use Wing Chun in a relatively short period of time through persistent training, and value this perfect self-defence system.