International Kaplan Wing-Chun Academy

Head Instructor: Murat Kaplan

Website: Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association- Turkey

Phone: +90 553 239 04 87

Address 1: Nashira Park Öğretmen Evleri Mh.

Address 2: 957 Sk. 19. Cd. Konyaaltı

City: Antalya

State/Provience: ANT

Country: TR

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Through generations, Wing-Chun Kuen has managed to retain its focus as a practical fighting art. It has avoided being modified into a competitive (rules based) point-scored sport or demonstration art. The most devastating Wing-Chun strikes (eyes, throat, groin, and knee) are far too dangerous even for freestyle competitions. Wing-Chun tournaments are rare or unknown to public and martial arts community. Therefore, its competition is rarely seen.

Wing-Chun is not just a collection of unrelated forms and techniques. It has a core set of guiding principles which allows practitioners to decide what correct or incorrect Wing-Chun is. This keeps the art a pure and integrated fighting system, while allowing direction for refinement that is consistent with its principles.

These guiding principles are strictly practical and are part of the reason for Wing-Chun’s uniquely scientific and logical approach to fighting. The nature of Wing-Chun is such that it is quite easy to accept that a woman did indeed have some role to play in its development. It is an extremely logical, scientific system, which always makes use of skill over strength, economy of motion over flowery motion, and is well suited to someone of smaller stature and strength.

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Oxygen Fitness Center

100. Yıl, Varlık Mahallesi, 184. Sokak

Sait Paşa Apt No 2, 07000 Antalya - TURKEY

Training Dates and Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 19:00 – 20:30


Club Lotis Sport Wellness&Spa

Gençlik Mah. 1330. Sok. No:13 Işıklar /Antalya - TURKEY

Training Dates and Hours: Tuesday - Thursday: 19:00 – 20:30