East-West Wing Chun: San Francisco

East-West Wing Chun: San Francisco

Head Instructor: Will Yturriaga

Website: East-West Wing Chun: San Francisco

Phone: 1-415-713-0483

Address 1: Apex Wellness Center 632 Commercial Street, 4th Floor

Address 2:

City: San Francisco

State/Provience: CA

Country: US

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Will Yturriaga was the instructor of the San Francisco class for over 6 years. His martial arts experience started with full contact Shorinji-Ryu Karate at a young age. He also currently studies and teaches Bagua Zhang, meditation and Nei Gung(inner skill), and is a lineage holder of Chao style Bagua Zhang. He incorporates the internal power principals of Nei Gung, and meditation for a clear and focused mind, into his practice and teaching of Wing Chun.