Chan's Kung-Fu School and Cultural Arts Center

Chan's Kung-Fu School and Cultural Arts Center

Head Instructor: Sam Chan (Sam Hing Fai Chan)

Website: Chan's Kung Fu School & Martial Arts Center, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Phone: 1-616-475 - 9021

Address 1: 3158 S. Division

Address 2:

City: Grand Rapids

State/Provience: MI

Country: US

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Today, in his newly remodeled and extended facility, Master Chan's Kung Fu School provides Western Michigan with exemplary martial art instruction in a wide range of styles and programs, a distinguished staff and fully-equipped facility Yet tradition and conservatism prevail.

Today's programs and facility host far more than outstanding training and location. They offer a center for Chinese cultural arts as well. Often visitors are surprised by a special ambiance about the center: a unique mixture of Chinese music, art, style and traditional practices and philosophy. One also observes ethnic diversity, supportive interaction and camaraderie among students, committed leadership, and an abundance of genuine smiles and laughter.

So, Welcome to Chan's Kung Fu School! Do expect much more than physical aspects of skill training here. Those who come in, tend to experience that special something one could describe as all around excellence.