Belgian Missing Ling -Yong Tjun

Belgian Missing Ling -Yong Tjun

Head Instructor: Mark Stas

Website: Les Arts Martiaux du Belgique Missing-Link

Phone: 32-47-696-7140

Address 1: La Maison des Jeunes de Centenaires rue de l'Abreuvoir, 7

Address 2:

City: Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont


Country: BE

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The "Belgian Missing-Link" school is the only martial arts school in Belgium affiliated at the ML-MAF. One of the characteristics, besides a big passion for the martial arts, is the special attention for quality as well as human relations. The practice of an Asian martial art is linked to the ancient Asian philosophy: the philosophy of the "Middle Way" and "Change". The student must learn to discover and know him (her)self, which enables to adapt in a more quicker way to changeable situations. He has to re-learn to become "in harmony", with himelf as well with his aggressor.

The ML-Yong Tjun will help the student to rediscover this balance and to appreciate "Harmony".

The system is in theory simple. The final goal is not to learn everything, but indeed to master what has been learned. It's necessary to explore and to discover at ease. The student has to develop at his own pace so that the natural and the spontaneous can emerge. One remark: we are not collectors of styles nor techniques and we don't invite these collectors with open arms. Just follow the given Way.