Ancient Fighting Arts

Ancient Fighting Arts, Mt. Arlington

Head Instructor: Steve Frankel

Website: Ancient Fighting Arts

Phone: (973) 398-6525

Address 1: 409 Howard Boulevard

Address 2:

City: Mt. Arlington

State/Provience: NJ

Country: US

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Traditional Chinese Martial Arts for health and self defense Ancient Fighting Arts is Northern New Jersey’s premier Chinese Martial Arts Academy, offering traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi Ch’uan. Located in Mount Arlington (Morris County) since 1997, we offer a Kung Fu program for kids and both internal and external training for adults from late teen to senior citizen. Our Kung Fu program focuses on traditional Wing Chun. The dedicated student can elect advanced training including Shaolin styles, Chinese weapons, wooden dummy and joint locks (Chin na). We offer intensive weekend seminars focusing on special topics. Come and observe a class in Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and participate in specially priced week trial programs. We are conveniently located 2 miles north of Route 80, exit 30 (Howard Boulevard). Taking Classes Chinese martial arts are exceptionally effective tools to enhance health and self defense skills. They can be, however, both physically and mentally demanding. Not everyone is prepared to make the level of commitment these ancient styles require. We offer 4 classes per week. Call for rates or ask about our 1-week trial program. We invite you to come in and observe a training session at any time. Our curriculum is divided into Tai Chi and Kung Fu training. Both are recommended but not required. Our Tai Chi class emphasizes health, however after 3 or 4 years of training the martial applications are stressed equally. Our external class emphasizes self-defense and conditioning. Both require the development of a strong spirit.